Asian Gold Ribbon | Calling for Action in Schools
Together we stand against anti-Asian racism
Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Asian Racism
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Calling for Action in Schools

Calling for Action in Schools

Help fight anti-Asian hate and racism in Canada and
around the world in celebration of
Asian Gold Ribbon Day
May 20th Friday, 2022

Incidents of anti-Asian hate and racism increased by 286% for Asian Canadian youth, 18 years or younger in 2021, according to a new report by CCNCTO and Project 1907 (2022). Incidents include being coughed at, spat at, verbally harassed, shunned, and targeted in online hate, which increased exponentially for Asian youth across all provinces and territories in 2021.

These alarming spikes underscore the need for teachers, school administrators, parents, and students themselves to take active stances to:

  • Educate and raise awareness
  • Counter the hatred with pride in celebrating the diversity within Asian culture
  • Highlight the urgent need to combat hate and racism against Asian youth directly within schools.


This May, join together with Asian Gold Ribbon campaign. Participating schools are encouraged to celebrate Asian youth, our culture, and heritage.


Schools are encouraged to:

  • Register and attend the Asian Youth Mental Health Summit, Bending Not Broken: Stories of Resilience on May 18th from 7-9pm EDT (registration link forthcoming).
  • Provide resources to build capacity to amplify and/or initiate an Anti-Racism Task Force or Social Justice Club
    • Create an AGR Club to support Asian youth at your school year-round
    • Increase anti-racism literacy and education in your school
  • Create a video at your school during May, particularly for AGR Day
  • Feature Asian youth to share who they are, their experiences of racism, and their needs
  • Discuss how can we protect Asian youth, encourage reporting to Covid Racism, #Elimin8Hate, project 1907
  • Help destigmatize mental health struggles and encourage mental health help-seeking behaviours at your school
  • Share and watch our AGR Video on AGR Day to enhance dialogue and support conversations
  • Click, watch, and contribute Asian youth stories, linking to: “Speak Up/Be Seen”: Asian Voices / Flipgrid
  • Compel donations to AGR The Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign | Fundly in support of raising $100,000 towards mental health and wellbeing for Asian Youth in Canada
  • Participating schools are encouraged to make (and wear) gold ribbons by following these instructions:
  • Purchasing AGR ribbon stickers or pins here: Products – Asian Gold Ribbon and show solidarity by wearing and taking a selfie or group school photo to post on AGR‘s social media on Asian Gold Ribbon Day.

Please tag Asian Gold Ribbon on InstagramFacebookTwitter in demonstrating your AGR school spirit and activities in May, and especially on May 20. We will highlight your school by featuring participating schools through social media to demonstrate your commitment to stop anti-Asian racism and honor Asian youth.

Please contact Justin Chau for any questions using our AGR Contact link. Visit our website for more information:

Thank you for your support!


The AGR Executive Team

Dr. Gina Wong
AGR President

Justin Chau
AGR Director of Youth and Education

Reference Chinese Canadian National Council Toronto Chapter & Project 1907 (2022). 2021 Another Year: Anti-Asian racism across Canada two years into the COVID-19 pandemic.

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