Asian Gold Ribbon | Fundraising
Together we stand against anti-Asian racism
Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Asian Racism
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Building Supports for Asian Wellbeing

Asian Gold Ribbon Fundraising

In Canada, 73.22% of those who filed an incident of anti-Asian hate in reported mental health distress and emotional harm as a consequence of the attack. Not surprisingly, research underscores the lasting psychological impact which can include depression, anxiety, grief, anger, post-traumatic stress disorder, diminished sense of self-worth, and internalized racism, to name a few.

This underscores the fundamental need for Asian mental health support services to be available in our communities.

The Asian Gold Ribbon campaign inspires ongoing commitment for an Asian movement where the needs of Asians, including their psychological wellbeing, are prioritized. Funds received will go towards developing essential mental health support programs and services in our local communities.

Donations to Support Asian Wellbeing
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