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Together we stand against anti-Asian racism
Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Asian Racism
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Monday, May 20, 2024 is Asian Gold Ribbon Day



Racism is a Global Problem

Racism is a Global Problem

Anti-Asian racism is increasing worldwide.



We will not remain silent. Our voices will be amplified.



Learn how we are taking action. Join us!

Support Asian Wellbeing

Support Asian Wellbeing

Support programs and services for Asian wellbeing.

The Asian Gold Ribbon (AGR) Campaign

WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY for an Asian movement and we rise in celebration of Asian culture and heritage. The Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign is a platform developed to initiate wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian racism. We stand together to support healing, amplify our voices, and educate to raise awareness. We advocate for the wellbeing of Asian youth, community members, and seniors across Canada and around the globe.

Historically, the Government of Canada systematically legislated acts of racism against Asians through internment of Japanese Canadians in World War II and the Chinese Immigration Act that separated labourers from their families. This came with a head tax increase from $50 to $500, totalling $23 million collected over 32 years from 82,000 Chinese immigrants.

This campaign inspires outward expression of Asians, where we no longer suppress our voices. Involving Youth and Senior Ambassadors, the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign will take place during Asian Heritage month in May.

We are celebrating the colour yellow that has been used historically to denigrate and disparage our race (Yellow Peril). AGR masks and Gold Ribbons will be worn the month of May and particularly on May 20 to signify unity, solidarity, and a better tomorrow.

The AGR Campaign Upholds Three Pillars:

1. Community Outreach

Offering social justice advocacy, education, and support activities for community residents, schools, and organizations including virtual presentations. Educational resources for delivery to youth to celebrate Asian culture and heritage in school during Asian Heritage month are available. Please visit Initiatives for details.

2. Visibility and Celebration

Asian Gold Ribbon Day is Thursday, May 20, 2021 corresponding with Asian Heritage month. Asian and non-Asian persons will adorn facemasks and gold ribbons to signify hope, unity, and solidarity for a better tomorrow. Learn how you can participate.

3. Fundraising

This campaign inspires ongoing and lasting commitment for an Asian movement. We compel donations to the Hong Fook Mental Health Association and for the development of initiatives for mental health support programs and services for Asian wellbeing. 


我們支持亞洲運動,並為慶祝亞洲文化和遺產而崛起。 亞洲金絲帶運動是一個平台,旨在發起反亞洲種族主義的廣泛知名度。 我們站在一起支持康復,擴大我們的聲音,並進行教育以提高認識。 我們倡導加拿大乃至全球的亞洲青年,社區成員和老年人的福祉。

從歷史上看,加拿大政府通過第二次世界大戰中日裔加拿大人的拘留和《華人移民法》,系統地立法了針對亞洲人的種族主義行為,該法令將勞工與他們的家庭分開。 人頭稅從50美元增加到500美元,在32年內從82,000名中國移民那裡總共徵收了2,300萬美元。

這項運動激發了亞洲人的外向表達,使我們不再壓抑自己的聲音。 由青年和高級大使參與的“亞洲金絲帶運動”將在5月的“亞洲文化遺產月”期間舉行。

我們正在慶祝歷史上用來貶低和貶低我們種族的黃色(黃色危險)。 AGR口罩和金絲帶將在5月(尤其是5月20日)佩戴,以表示團結,團結和美好的明天。



為社區居民,學校和組織提供社會正義的宣傳,教育和支持活動,包括虛擬演示。 提供了在亞洲文化遺產月期間向青年傳授在學校慶祝亞洲文化和文化遺產的教育資源。 請訪問倡議以獲取詳細信息


亞洲金絲帶日是2021年5月20日,星期四,與亞洲文化遺產月份相對應。 亞洲人和非亞洲人將戴上口罩和金絲帶,以表示希望,團結和團結,共創美好的明天。 了解如何參加


這項運動激發了對亞洲運動的持續而持久的承諾。 我們強迫向香港福康精神健康協會捐款,並推動制定精神健康支持計劃和為亞洲福祉提供服務的計劃

Reported Anti-Asian Attacks since March 2020

In Canada, 1150 cases of anti-Asian attacks were reported from early March, 2020 to late February, 2021. Actual accounts are estimated to be much higher given the incidents of underreporting.

Percent of reported anti-asian attacks that were against women

Women represented 60% of those who reported incidents.

Estimated Number of Canadians with Asian Ancestry

According to the most recent Statistics Canada report (2016), of the 6,095,235 Canadians, 17.7% have Asian ancestry.

Reported Anti-Asian Racist attacks in the USA

Reported number of Anti-Asian Racist attacks in the USA from early March 2020 to late February 2021.

Asian hate and racism are individual and institutional, and part of a larger global problem. We respect and honor the tireless work of the Black Lives Matter movement and the advocacy work for truth and healing leading towards reconciliation for Indigenous peoples that have paved the way for Asian pride movements. Shifting the cultural tide of hate and denigration of BIPOC minority groups is essential work we must all do. Asian liberation does not occur without Black and Indigenous liberation.

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