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Stand in Solidarity Against Anti-Asian Racism
Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Asian Racism
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Thursday, May 20, 2021 is Asian Gold Ribbon Day



Racism is a Global Problem

Racism is a Global Problem

Anti-Asian racism is increasing worldwide.



We will not remain silent. Our voices will be amplified.



Learn how we are taking action. Join us!

Support Asian Wellbeing

Support Asian Wellbeing

Support programs and services for Asian wellbeing.

The Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign

WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY against anti-Asian racism and maintain the momentum of a 21st century global Asian movement. The Asian Gold Ribbon (AGR) Campaign is a platform developed for social change and to initiate wide-spread visibility against anti-Asian hate and racism. We support Asian mental health and wellbeing, amplify Asian voices, and educate to raise awareness. What’s more, we focus upon the beauty of our Asian culture and heritage and unite in solidarity against all forms of racism. We unite to celebrate rather than hate. 

The Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign is urging individuals, organizations, and communities to demonstrate visible solidarity against anti-Asian racism and to recognize its profound psychological impact. In correspondence with Asian Heritage Month, Asian and non-Asian persons around the world will wear our facemasks, lapel pins, and gold ribbons throughout the month of May to signify hope, unity, and solidarity for a better tomorrow.

The inaugural Asian Gold Ribbon Day will take place on Thursday, May 20, 2021 when participants join the visibility campaign by posting a selfie and tagging @asiangoldribbon along with using the hashtag #asiangoldribbon.

Historically, the Government of Canada and the United States systematically legislated acts of racism against Asians through internment of Japanese Canadians in World War II and the Chinese Immigration Act that separated labourers from their families. In Canada, this came with a head tax increase from $50 to $500, totaling $23 million collected over 32 years from 82,000 Chinese immigrants. Chinese immigrants in the 19th century were also referred to as the ‘Yellow Peril’- a race who brings disease and virus into countries.  

In 2020 and 2021, a revival of anti-Asian hate and racism, particularly against East Asians and those who look Chinese, is a result of the false association with COVID-19. This is evident worldwide. 

The Human Rights Watch insists that “national action plans needed to counter intolerance,” and reveals a pandemic of anti-Asian hate in relation to COVID-19 in Italy, Brazil, France, Australia, Russia, UK, Spain, Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Malaysia, Middle East, South Korea, Japan, and Indonesia1. In India and Shri Lanka, COVID-19 related attacks towards Muslims are rampant. As well, there is racial mistreatment of Africans residing in Guangdong, China1. Racial injustice due to COVID-19 worldwide is staggering. The International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination condemns all forms of racial discrimination and the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign is our contribution toward this essential work.  

This campaign inspires outward expression of Asians, where we no longer suppress our voices. Reclaiming the colour yellow that has been used historically to denigrated and disparaged our race, the Asian Gold Ribbon campaign chooses gold, a celebratory shade of yellow, to reclaim the color with pride.  

The AGR Campaign is Upheld by Three Pillars:

1. Community Outreach

Asian Gold Ribbon offers social justice advocacy, education, and support activities for community residents, schools, and businesses, organizations, including virtual presentations, as well as the Podcast “Against the Tides of Racism”. Educational resources for delivery to youth within schools or for parents to watch with their children to celebrate Asian culture and heritage is provided. Please visit the Educational Resources to access modules.

2. Visibility and Celebration

Asian Gold Ribbon Day is Thursday, May 20, 2021 corresponding with Asian Heritage month. Asian and non-Asian persons adorn facemasks, pins, and gold ribbons to signify hope, unity, and solidarity for a better tomorrow. Activities to Speak Up/Be Seen are available to counter the silence and invisibility of Asians. Learn how you can participate.

Asian Gold Ribbon Day includes the Let’s Talk Series and the East Asian Youth Summit, please register for these free webinars. Register soon as space is limited.

3. Fundraising

This campaign inspires ongoing and lasting commitment for an Asian movement. Fundraising goes towards sustaining the campaign as well as the development of initiatives for mental health support programs and services for persons of Asian descent in the interest of healing and wellbeing. We also compel donations to the Hong Fook Mental Health Association and the Asian Mental Health Collective in the U.S.


1 Human Rights Watch. (2020, May 12). Covid-19 fueling anti-Asian racism and xenophobia worldwide: National action plans needed to counter intolerance. https://www.hrw.org/news/2020/05/12/covid-19-fueling-anti-asian-racism-and-xenophobia-worldwide

Donations to Support Asian Wellbeing



首届的亚洲金丝带日将于2021520日举行,届时参加者将会把一张自拍照片发布,标签为 @asiangoldribbon 、主题标签为 #asiangoldribbon,从而加入这个旨在提高能见度的运动。


我们以黄色作为庆祝的象征,这个颜色在历史上曾一度被用来诋毁和贬低我们的种族 (例如,“黄祸”之说) 。在5月20日,我们将以佩戴AGR口罩和金丝带来表示团结、一致以及一个更美好的明天。

此AGR 运动由三大支柱支持:

1. 社区外展



亚洲金丝带日是 2021年5月20日星期四,与“亚洲文化遗产月”相对应。亚裔和非亚裔人士将会戴上口罩和金丝带作为打扮,以象征希望、团结、一致以及一个更美好的明天。有关详细资讯,请访问新项目一栏。

3. 筹款





首屆的亞洲金絲帶日將於2021520日舉行,屆時參加者將會把一張自拍照片發佈,標籤為 @asiangoldribbon 、主題標籤為 #asiangoldribbon,從而加入這個旨在提高能見度的運動。


我們以黃色作為慶祝的象徵,這個顏色在歷史上曾一度被用來詆毀和貶低我們的種族 (例如,「黃禍」之說) 。在5月20日,我們將以佩戴AGR口罩和金絲帶來表示團結、一致以及一個更美好的明天。

此AGR 運動由三大支柱支持:

1. 社區外展


2. 能見度和慶祝

亞洲金絲帶日是 2021年5月20日星期四,與「亞洲文化遺產月」相對應。亞裔和非亞裔人士將會戴上口罩和金絲帶作為打扮,以象徵希望、團結、一致以及一個更美好的明天。有關詳細資訊,請訪問新項目一欄。

3. 籌款

此活動將要激發對亞裔運動的持續和持久承諾。我們要求大家向 康福精神健康協會 捐款,並推動為亞裔社群福祉而設的精神健康支援項目和服務的發展。

Reported Anti-Asian Attacks since March 2020

In Canada, 1150 cases of anti-Asian attacks were reported from early March, 2020 to late February, 2021. Actual accounts are estimated to be much higher given the incidents of underreporting.

Percent of reported anti-asian attacks that were against women

Women represented 60% of those who reported incidents.

Estimated Number of Canadians with Asian Ancestry

According to the most recent Statistics Canada report (2016), of the 6,095,235 Canadians, 17.7% have Asian ancestry.

Reported Anti-Asian Racist attacks in the USA

Reported number of Anti-Asian Racist attacks in the USA from early March 2020 to late February 2021.

Statement of Representation of Asian

It is essential for cross-racial and inter-ethnic coalitions to unite in solidarity to combat hate and discrimination. The well-being of one vulnerable group reflects the well-being of all others within a society. The Asian Gold Ribbon campaign acknowledges that Asian represent a significant diaspora. The use of the term Asians includes Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Laos, Indonesia, Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka or Maldives, Cambodia and Timor-Leste), and East Asia (China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan or Mongolia).

The Asian Gold Ribbon campaign initiated to stand in solidarity against anti-Asian racism that is currently afflicting East Asians, or those “who look Chinese” at greatest proportions during the COVID-19 pandemic as a result of misattributed blame for the spread of the pandemic. We address the elimination of anti-Asian racism for individuals of East Asian descent, highlighting the interpersonal and structural anti-Asian sentiment and discrimination that has given rise to longstanding negative stereotypes such as the Yellow Peril. In no way do we wish to contribute to the erasure of the visibility and perspectives of other Asian communities and of those who also experience significant racial injustices.

Statement on Black Lives Matter

Asian hate and racism are individual and institutional, and part of a larger global problem. We respect and honor the tireless work of the Black Lives Matter movement and the advocacy work for truth and healing leading towards reconciliation for Indigenous peoples that have paved the way for Asian pride movements. Shifting the cultural tide of hate and denigration of BIPOC minority groups is essential work we must all do. Asian liberation does not occur without Black and Indigenous liberation.